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Kurt and Chilipepper
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Cleo -- the new member of the "flock"

This is the Bird Cage, with pictures and audio recordings of pet birds (parrots, macaws, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, and many more). The page was inspired by my pet parrot, Chilipepper.

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Pictures of Chilipepper, my bird

bird icon This is Chili again, playing with my hair comb. He likes to grab it when I'm shaving.

bird icon This is Chili bathing in his water bowl. To me, it looks like an awfully difficult ritual, but he loves it, and prefers taking baths this way to getting them from the spray bottle. Maybe I'll try pouring my water glass over me and see what I'm missing. ;-)

bird icon Will this bird make a great programmer or what! Look at Chilipepper go for the Dr. Pepper.

bird icon This is Chilipepper and myself, in our 1994 Halloween costume! (I wonder what percentage of parrot owners dress up as pirates...) Chili had a great Halloween. Every time he did a trick, someone gave him a treat!

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